Requiem to Lane Staley

As far as I know,there are only two people in my life that know how much I loved the music of Layne Staley. Those people would be Dutty and Micah. Micah called me to give me the news I was not prepared to hear. I thank you,Micah, for being that person.
It wasn't the music as much as it was his lyrics. If you have never really ( I mean really) listened to his words, you owe it to yourself to do so. This was a man who wrote not from his heart, but from a place he hated and felt he could not escape.  His drug addiction. A place that I have been fortunate enough to escape from because there were people that loved me more than I loved myself

Layne, you will always be the best there ever was. I love who you were and God willing,someday see you again.

Gangsta Ronny Dawg


Well said, my friend.  Well said.  Thank you............