The Turning of a Milestone

In just 5 short days, I will reach a milestone in my lifetime.
One of many, one of many more to come.

One that will surely be talked about for ages...........if not for the fact that I'm still here, for the fact that I'm still here after the party.

The Duttyman turns 1/4 of a century old..........

WOW.  Listen to that.

25 years.

What have I seen in 25 years?

I saw the home run record eclipsed once, and again, and again, and again, and again.
I saw the Challenger explode the day after my birthday.
I saw the Presidency made a laughing gig on an international scale.
I saw OJ get off.
I saw Michael Jordan play 3 different sports on television.
I saw Pam and Tommy.
I saw a nation rocked on September 11th.
I saw a city rocked in April 1995.
I saw my life pass before my eyes.
I felt love.
I watched my daughter grow so fast I wondered where all the time went.
I saw my bank account dwindle.
I saw my waistline grow.
I saw cell phones go from a luxury to a necessity.
I saw a president cry on national television.
I saw the Yankees buy the Series, over and over and over..................
I saw the porcelain god too many times.
I saw American Pie, over, and over again.  And laughed every time.
I saw LP's go to 8 tracks, 8 tracks go to cassettes, cassettes go to CD's, and CD's go to Napster.
I saw Napster go to court.

What did you see?

What will I see in the next 25 years................who thing is for certain

Before I die, I will have seen Michael Jordan retire at least 3 times....................