Insomnia is wrecking my Z's


Man, some nights you just can't find enough hours to quell the sleepiness.  Out like a grizzly in hibernation--nothing short of a nuclear holocaust could wake you.  Then there are those lazy days, lying around the house, watching golf, napping beautifully on the couch, moving to the bed, and crashing for 3 hours, off to dreamy land.  Sleeping in the car while riding somewhere, sleeping on the job, sleeping on the those are the days.

You know, there are some things that I understand about the human body.  When you have a cold, your body fights with antibodies to kill the illness.  When you have a lesion on your skin, the blood clots to subside the bleeding, and eventually the skin regenerates to heal the wound.  When you go out drinking and have too many, you get sick due to the balance in your head being so far out of whack.  The next day, you feel like hell, because your brain is dehydrated and is needing fluid.  Your body is sore for the same reason.  Your stomach is weak due to the hell you have put your system through--whether you tossed your tequila or not.

Insomnia--this is a strange bird.

For those of you who don't know--I suffer from insomnia from time to time.  Some spells are just for a night, lasting anywhere from 2 to 6,7,8 hours in length.  Others are more severe--lasting for as long as 2 weeks in my worst attack where I went for 14 days on about an hour or two of sleep every  night, depending upon how exhausted I was.  And it's not that I'm not physically drained, and mentally as well, that bugs me the most.

It's the fact that I can't control it!!  Even with sleeping aides--they just zombiefy me (technical term).

Some say stress, some say body chemistry, some say "it's the food you eat", some say it's just natural.


I am learning to deal with it a little better now though.  (No old jokes here!!)

It's where I get the time to come up with such wonderful morsels as "Who Is Dutty?"

See there--it's not all bad!!  You should try it sometime, it's rather appealing at times.

(Please let this reverse psychology work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)